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We are a Full Service Veterinary Reproductive Facility

Reproductive Services

The reproductive veterinary team at NOAH provides state-of-the art canine reproductive services for both males and females.  We understand the importance of each breeding and we want each breeding to be a successful one. We recommend performing the appropriate health tests for your breed prior to breeding your dog.

Our canine reproductive services include:

  • Reproductive Services for Females
  • Reproductive Services for Males
  • OFA Testing: hip, elbow, thyroid, heart & patella
    Utilized by the majority or canine breeders, this procedure determines medical soundness for breeding through identification of joint dysplasia or other specific abnormality. OFA is short for Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. You can visit this non-profit organization's website at for more information on their mission. NOAH's X-ray suite exceeds the standard required for radiograph submission for Hip, Elbow, Patella, Thyroid & Heart evaluation.
  • Penn Hip Evaluations
    PennHIP (University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program) is a not-for-profit program, wholly owned and operated, by the University of Pennsylvania. PennHIP incorporates a new method for evaluating the integrity of the canine hip. It is accurate in puppies as young as 16 weeks of age. It has great potential to lower the frequency of CHD when used as a selection criterion. Visit this link  What is PennHIP?  for more information on this technique. NOAH's X-ray suite exceeds the standard required for radiograph submission for PennHip Evaluation.
  • Brucellosis Testing
    This blood test is to determine exposure to sexually transmitted diseases specific to canines.
  • Breeding Soundness Evaluation
    We perform the necessary tests to assess if your dog is sound for breeding.
  • Heritable Disease Management
    We utilize genetic testing prior to breeding to ensure that the candidate is carrying good genetics free of inheritable disease.
  • After Hours Pediatric & Obstetric Emergency Services
    Available exclusively to our clients.

Scheduling your Appointments
We make every effort to be available for patients when reproductive procedures often cannot wait.  Please give us a call with any questions or concerns. 

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