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Reproductive Services for Male Dogs

Reproductive Services

Stud Dog Management & Counseling
We can answer any questions and provide a plan as to how to best manage your stud's breeding career.

Semen Collection, Evaluation & Longevity Testing
We offer full semen evaluations of motility, morphology/structure and sperm count. Test chilling is offered to assess how long sperm of the particular donor will live.

Listed by the AKC as a Semen Freezing Facility Since 2005
We utilize different extenders and semen freezing procedures to freeze semen on site.

On-site Sperm Bank & Long Term Semen Storage
On site storage of frozen sperm allows easy access to possible breedings or shipments.

Semen Collection for Domestic & Worldwide Shipment
We have shipped chilled and frozen semen all over the world and have a lot of experience with regulations for export to different countries.

Epididymal Semen Collection and Freezing
If an unfortunate accident, like being hit by a car, happens and the stud dog dies, a one-time semen retrieval is possible from a part of the testicle called epidydymas. this semen can be frozen and used at a later date for a potential breeding.

Prostate &Testes Disease Evaluation and Treatment
Medical and surgical treatment for associate conditions like prostatitis, BPH, testicular tumors and infections are also offered.

Infertility Diagnosis & Treatment
We offer a variety of tests to help diagnose and potentially treat infertility of sub-fertility issues in male dogs.

DNA Typing for AKC Sampling and Submission
We offer the collection of DNA samples for AKC purposes. DNA profiles are necessary for chilled and frozen semen breedings.

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