Controlling When Your Bitch Comes into Season

Technology advances again and has now allowed us to either delay or induce estrous (heat) cycles in bitches with more ease and accuracy than ever before.   OvuplantR (Deslorelin) is a hormone contained in a pellet. It is labeled for use only in horses. This pellet is inserted under the mucosa of the vulva. For this product to be effective in inducing estrous, the bitch MUST have a progesterone level of less than 1.0 ng/dl immediately prior to insertion of the drug pellet or it may block, not induce estrous.

Typically with the OvuplantR , the patient will come into heat within 3 to 7 days, and be ready to breed 8 to 10 days after she comes into season (11 to 17 days after insertion). The implanted drug pellet MUST be removed to maintain pregnancy. This is a prescription drug and must be inserted and removed by a veterinarian. Approximately 90% of the time, the use of this product allows you to have control over the time you breed. This can be valuable for bringing bitches into heat for travel, specialties, to avoid scheduling conflicts in your personal life, or to produce puppies when you need them, such as for futurities.   Please return for removal of the Ovuplant after breeding is completed.

Cabergoline (DostinexR) is a similar product, given orally. Approximately 70% of bitches taking the product will start estrous within 10 to 30 days of starting the drug. This is dosed at 5 mcg/kg once daily for 10 days. In small bitches, compounding may be necessary to scale the dose down.

Contact us for more information on how this new therapy permits you to time your bitch’s breedings and whelping to fit your needs!