Weaning Puppies

  • Puppies are weaned typically 4-5 weeks of age, unless otherwise directed by a veterinarian.
  • The puppies will need to be fed 5 times a day and alternating between the mother and the food.
  • When introducing them to the food, you will need to start with small amounts, however, let them eat as much as they would like.
  • For kibble: soak the kibble in warm water for 15-20 minutes and grind it into a porridge consistency.
  • For raw diet: Use new portion of meat each time so that decreases any chance of bacteria growing.
  • Do not leave the kibble or the raw down for longer than 20 minutes at a time.
  • Do not mix the kibble with the raw diet as the body metabolizes these at two different speeds.
  • You can mix in some canned Esbilac, as well as add a few “islands” of meat flavored baby food or Royal Canin Puppy Starter Mousse.

Mother / Puppy Feeding Schedule

Starting the process:

  • Puppies nurse twice a day for 2 days (feeding the kibble or meat in between).
  • Then let the puppies nurse once a day for 2 days.
  • Then every other day for 2 days.
  • Then stop ALL contact with mother, feed only kibble or meat.