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Wing, Beak and Nail Trimming for Birds

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Part of being a responsible bird owner is ensuring that their grooming requirements are met regularly. We at NOAH understand that many of our clients would prefer that we trim their bird’s nails, wings and beaks because they want to minimize the stress and potential of actually hurting their pet bird. That is why we are happy to offer those services to our clients.

If you have opted to have your bird’s wings trimmed then you will need to bring them in twice a year following each major molt.

Trimming your bird’s nails serve many important functions. If your bird’s nails grow too long then it will become uncomfortable for them to perch and can get caught on toys, clothing or on their cage, which can result in major injuries.

Beak trimming or filing down is not always necessary but it is an important part of keeping your bird healthy. Many birds that have toys to chew on and rocks to rub its beak on can maintain a healthy beak length, however if your bird’s beak is growing rapidly or abnormally then it is important to bring them into us, at NOAH, so that we can take the appropriate measures to correct the problems.

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for your bird!

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