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Fight Lyme Disease and Save!

Fight Lyme Disease and Save!

This month only, you can protect your dog from Lyme disease and save 10% on Lyme disease testing and vaccinationsPlus, save an additional 5% on a 6-month supply of flea & tick preventatives!

One out of 16 dogs will test positive for this dangerous tick-transmitted disease this year alone. Symptoms include stiffness, loss of appetite, fatigue and fever, though some dogs may not show symptoms until months after infection. Left untreated, it can cause anemia, paralysis, kidney failure and even death.

Testing is important because dogs cannot receive vaccinations for Lyme disease if they are already positive. If pets are negative, we can give an initial vaccination followed by a booster. Remember, the best treatments for Lyme disease include vaccination, tick checks after being outside and year-round preventative treatment. Call us at (703) 777-7781 for more information or make an appointment.